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Mary Corches

Our Care
Providing exceptional residential care is one of the many attributes of our trained caregivers. It takes a special person to provide care well and from the heart. That is our first consideration, the heart factor. Next is the stomach factor because good food is an important part of elderly care, not only for health, but also for enjoyment. Mealtime is often an anticipated part of the day's events. We provide interesting and diverse menus that aim to please.
Because each home has only six residents, we are able to cater to individual diets. Our meals are planned and cooked differently in each home, not in a centralized kitchen. We are here to make people happy and food is a major factor. Home cooked meals and healthy servings make meal times enjoyable. Residents are also encouraged to socialize and participate in recreational activities and daily exercise programs.

2128 E. White Lantern Lane,
Orange, CA 92867